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Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic Primary School

With Mary, we put Jesus at the heart of our work, love and learning


The relationship between Home, School and Parish is founded on the principle of partnership.  Parents are invited to identify and support this agreement.





Our school aims to be a Christ centred community within the Parish and attempts always to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith.

This fundamental aspiration is mirrored in our Mission Statement, presentedin the School Prospectus.

 We believe that parents are the first and most important educators of their children and that we and the Parish are called to support them in their God given task.

Every child in our school is valued and encouraged to achieve human wholeness – spiritually, morally, emotionally and academically – in a happy, secure Christian environment.

With the resources made available to us, we will strive to provide the best possible education for each child.


We acknowledge our responsibility to support parents and the Parish in the task of nurturing the children towards human wholeness within a Christian community.

We will:

Ø  Welcome your child and provide a secure, stimulating Christian environment in which to learn;

Ø  value your child and help him/her make good progress spiritually, morally, emotionally and academically;

Ø  treat your child with dignity and respect;

Ø  demonstrate our faith and our school’s foundation in the teachings of Jesus Christ, by what we teach and the way we live and worship in our school;

Ø  cooperate with you and the Parish in the Christian formation of your child;

Ø  do our utmost to provide the best possible education we can for your child through a balanced and differentiated curriculum, with enthusiastic teaching rooted in our beliefs, values and skills;

Ø  have high expectations of your child’s standard of work and behaviour and encourage all pupils to aim for excellence in all they do;

Ø  set, mark and monitor homework suitable to your child’s needs;

Ø  provide you with information about your child’s progress, including a written annual report and opportunities to talk to teachers throughout the academic year;

Ø  contact you if there is a problem with your child’s attendance or punctuality, or if there are concerns regarding your child’s behaviour, work or health;

Ø  inform you about school policies and activities through regular letters.





We acknowledge that we as parents are the primary educators of our children and that we have an irreplaceable role to play in supporting our children’s learning in school and in their Christian formation.

I/we will try to: -

Ø  support the Christian values of the school and parish communities

Ø  make sure that my child attends Church regularly

Ø  support my child in preparation for and reception of the Sacraments;

Ø  encourage my child to show kindness and consideration to others

Ø  encourage my child to be enthusiastic about learning and to enjoy school;

Ø  make sure that my child attends school regularly, on time, in uniform and suitably equipped;

Ø  support high standards of work and behaviour;

Ø  talk to my child about their experiences in school and encourage them to do their best;

Ø  support homework from school and give my child opportunities for home learning;

Ø  attend school consultation evenings and discussions about my child’s progress;

Ø  inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work, behaviour or attendance;

Ø  support school policies and guidelines;

Ø  support school staff in their efforts to fulfil their responsibilities to my child;

Ø  support school community events;

Ø  support the Catholic community and the school governors in their financial and other responsibilities for the school.


I acknowledge the different and unique talents which God has given me and my responsibility to use them wisely.

I will try to: -

Ø  attend school regularly and on time;

Ø  attend church regularly;

Ø  wear the school uniform and bring all the equipment I need each day;

Ø  behave sensibly so that we can be happy and safe as we learn;

Ø  share my feelings honestly and politely and treat everyone in school with respect and consideration;

Ø  think for myself and take responsibility for my actions;

Ø  learn something new each lesson and always do my best;

Ø  complete homework well and on time;

Ø  observe school rules;

Ø  take care of the school and equipment and help keep our school free from litter.



The Parish accepts its important place in the triple partnership of home-school-parish in the formation of its children. The Parish will accordingly:

Ø  support the parents and the school in the Christian formation of the children;

Ø  support the parents and the school specifically in the preparation of the children for the  Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist;

Ø  provide spiritual support for the home and the school community;

Ø  offer pastoral support to the home and the school community;

Ø  provide financial support for the school from the regular contributions of parents and other members of the parish community, thus enabling the school to serve the parish community.