Schools occasionally have to close for a variety of reasons such as a lack of heating, electricity or due to severe weather conditions. Closing the school is always the last resort which is based on the health and safety of children and staff. We will always do our best to inform parents, carers as soon as possible if school is to be closed. Here is a reminder of our school closure procedures:  

  • BEFORE SCHOOL - If the weather is so severe that travelling to school or the conditions are very dangerous, Radio Leeds & Radio Aire will announce that school is closed. The school website will also have a message that the school is closed. We will also send a text message.   
  • DURING THE DAY - School will not be closed during the day. Parents are able to collect their child from school if they so wish but must come to the office first to sign out. There will be a member of staff at school until the last child is collected.
  • COLLECTING OTHER CHILDREN - Adults will not be allowed to collect 'other' children without prior arrangement with their parents.
  • FURTHER CLOSURES - If the school's name is not announced on the radio, or you do not receive a text message from school - you must presume that the school is open as normal. We will endeavour to update the website to confirm, however this can sometimes 'crash' due to the volume of users.  
  • On a snowy day and school is open there are no late marks. If you think it is best to leave home later and avoid the rush hour arriving at school by 10.00am will be acceptable.
  • The path is the safest entrance into school.

We hope this information is of use to you, please contact the school for further details if required.