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Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic Primary School

With Mary, we put Jesus at the heart of our work, love and learning

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Appeals Timetable 2017

Please submit all appeals to: The Chair of Governors, Immaculate Heart of Mary CPS, 292 Harrogate Road, Leeds LS17 6SX

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School Defined Area:

Beginning at the junction of Stoney Lane and Wetherby Road proceed Southwards in the middle of the road to Shadwell Ring Road. Turn North Westwards in the middle of the road to Park Lane. Turn South taking in both sides of Park Lane and Park View Crescent.  Proceed across Princes Avenue taking in both sides of Old Park Road.  Turn Westwards and proceed along the middle of Gledhow Lane, Town Street and Stainbeck Lane.  Turn North Eastwards at the junction of Stainbeck Lane and Stonegate Road. Proceed along the centre of Stonegate Road to King Lane, along the centre of King Lane to the Ring Road, along the centre of the Ring Road to Harrogate Road and along the centre of Harrogate Road to the junction of Harrogate Road and Wike Lane. Turn South Eastwards along the middle of Wike Lane, Forge Lane and Backstone Gill Lane to Coal Road. Proceed along the centre of Coal Road, Brandon Lane and Bay Horse Lane to Stoney Lane. Turn East along the centre of Stoney Lane.