292 Harrogate Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS17 6SX



Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic Primary School

With Mary, we put Jesus at the heart of our work, love and learning

Aims of the School


The school exists to provide Catholic based education. In order to achieve this, the school aims:-

  1. To incorporate a sound and balanced curriculum so that the children may develop skills, concepts and knowledge appropriate to their age and individuality within the ethos of the Catholic spirit of sharing values, developing understanding and care for others as brothers and sisters and finding joy and commitment in faith as taught by Christ.
  2. To recognise the importance of the family of each child and the larger family in fostering education and personal relationship in the context of parish life. The school will therefore seek to involve the children in parish centred activities and to cooperate with parish catechists or other trained workers in fostering such relationships, especially in sacramental preparation.
  3. To help pupils understand the world in which they live and to value our society as a place in which they will see each person has a contribution to make as well as the status of belonging. Education being seen by the school to provide relevant skills, knowledge and relationships in preparation for adult life and further education in the modern world.
  4. To integrate all these aspects in the daily life of the school so as to foster dignity and confidence in each pupil as an individual and as a member of the Christian community.
  5. To foster respect for Christians of other denominations and of all people of good will so that the children may learn to cooperate with others. Involvement of children attending the school from such backgrounds will be sensitive to their difference of denomination.
  6. To cater for special needs, whether physical or otherwise, where resources allow.

An essential element in achieving these aims will be to ensure that all pupils will acquire basic skills, in particular reading, writing and the use of arithmetic. In addition to such abilities the school will inculcate creative and musical talents.