IHOMSA fundraising activities


Financial Report 2021-2022


Fundraising activity in the 2021-22 school year was again impacted by the effects of Covid-19, limiting the number of events that were able to take place in the early part of the school year.


Money raised:


  • £2,762.18   The Christmas activities in school
  • £163.50      Christmas Wreath making activity
  • £770.44      Mother’s Day stall
  • £756.81      Father’s Day stalls
  • £1,282.36   ‘Break the Rules Day’
  • £1,100.22   The Marathon Challenge in June (including Gift Aid, via JustGiving)
  • £5,541.53   Summer Family Night
  • £247.73      Amazon Smile
  • £462.20
  • £306.05      Sainsbury’s collection tins
  • £3,124        The 100 Club


Total raised: £15,443.12


Overall, IHOMSA’s net income for the 2021/2022 financial year is very positive at £15,443.12. The year-end balance across all accounts, and subject to reconciliation of the 100 Club draws and payments, was £36,506.37.


Money contributed:


  • £1,000    donation to IHOMSCPS for end of school year events activities


School year 2022-2023


  1. Requests for purchases:

In total Miss Clark has asked for £5,560 to fund the below activities:

  • £4,500   Forest School - sessions in school as well as equipment to continue to run the sessions solus after training (full detail below).
  • £500      Awning for Year 1 – to enable outdoor sessions to be held.
  • £560      Storage boxes for lost property and second-hand uniform shop – 2x large boxes, smaller boxes to pack inside and padlocks.
  • Further contribution towards setting up topic boxes with topic specific books and artefacts to support pupils across the school.


  1. Activities so far:
  • £ 300     pumpkin design competition 
  • £1,550   Break the rules day
  • 25th November (Friday) non-uniform day
  • Christmas Raffle
  • 9th December (Friday) Christmas Games Day 


Total money raised in Autumn term: £4,100


  1. Future activities:


  • Donations Miss Clark has asked for money for the following:

    £3.5k for supporting refurb of the SEN room at school
    £1.1k for topic books for every year group
    We also discussed resurfacing the playground as the big project - it’s massive, she’s going to get quotes but anticipates c.£90k - so one to discuss supporting and how we balance the smaller contributions with helping towards this

  • Events - we’ve agreed on:

    TBC Feb 10th or 24th - break the rules day Miss Clark is confirming at school

    17th March - Mother’s Day stall (need 1 person to help field the kids, likely last the morning, if there’s a volunteer?)

    Potentially a fashion event with Katie and May in spring term - date tbc

    20th April school disco - we’re not providing any snacks but will be putting out a note for volunteers to the school (will need c.10 to cover 3:15-6:15 - or in shifts)

    16th June Father’s Day stall

    Summer Family Night - Miss Clark is scoping dates to lock in

    Potentially a dealing with menopause/perimenopause symptoms and nutritional advice - with wine social night at some point