October is the month of Mary and of the Rosary. We will be remembering Mary and learning more about the Rosary this month.

6LR commemorate Remembrance Day

during Collective Worship 12/11/21

3MR have been writing prayer intentions in the Holy Space during their collective worship on 2/11/21Nov 21


Thank you 3MR for a super Assembly on 22nd Oct 21 celebrating Black History Month
Reception children visit the Grotto on 20th Oct as the month of Mary
2MO Prayed a decade of the Rosary this morning - here with their Rosary Beads 18th Oct 21

18th Oct 21 KS1 collective worship with Fr Dennis. Thank you Fr Dennis

4GB Praying the Rosary this morning 18th Oct 21
6LR Pray a Decade of the Rosary 18th Oct 21

A beautiful Collective Worship in RGT on 16th Oct based on Daniel in the Lions Den

6KE Pray a Decade of the Rosary -  14th Oct 21
Beautiful collective worship in Year 2 yesterday focussing on our virtue of courage and how Mary showed courage in her life. Oct 7th 21

Thank you Y6 for a wonderful Collective Worship based on the story of Zacchaeus in the tree - Reception Oct 21

A Prayerful Collective Worship in Year 6 reflecting on the Virtue of Courage - 6th Oct 21
Collective Worship Year 4 -  Oct 4 21
Thank you 6KE for a beautiful assembly about Growth Mindset -  17th Sept 21
In today’s collective worship, 2MO reflected on how we can always be a kind friend to each other and show our virtue of respect in and outside of school. Mar 10th 2020

During today's collective worship RCT reflected on the Sermon on the Mount and each said a prayer, asking Jesus to help them be kinder, more forgiving, more humble and lots more. 4th Mar 2020

A very reflective collective worship this morning, 2MO have been thinking about how we keep going even when things get difficult! Mar 3rd 2020

Staff prayers this morning reflecting on the stations of the cross. 2nd March 2020