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Our Ethos and Virtues

What is Character Education?

Character Education is education that promotes the ethical, intellectual, social and emotional development of individuals.

It is a continuous learning process that enables us all to become moral, caring, critical, responsible individuals.

Character education includes all explicit and implicit educational activities that help young people develop positive personal strengths called virtues.

Our Agreed School Virtues:

  • Wisdom  
  • Courage   
  • Patience   
  • Honesty   
  • Respect   
  • Generosity
  • Resilience  

Our School Virtue - Patience

Our School Virtue - Respect and Courage

Respect – looking after people, places and things. This also means that we include everyone in our learning and games, we are good friends who help each other, we have good manners and we do our best. We will be looking out for our children displaying this virtue in particular this half term and it would be lovely if you could recognise this virtue at home too!

Please have a look at these respect scenarios, discuss them with your child and we would be delighted to hear what the children say. 

Respect Scenarios

Please engage your children in conversations about when they have shown courage at school and we would love to hear examples of these from home to add to our school displays. This virtue is not just limited to children; we are all trying our best to demonstrate this in our lives so please make sure you tell your children when you have demonstrated it yourself!!

If anybody would like to engage in an activity around this virtue at home then please follow the link below and we would for your children to share these with us in school.



The Virtue of Patience

The Virtue of Generosity