Immaculate Heart Of Mary

Catholic Primary School A Voluntary Academy
Together with Jesus, we love to learn and learn to love.

Meet the Staff 

Senior Leadership Team

Miss F. Clark Mrs C. Hill Miss L. Hargreaves Mrs L. Fairburn Mrs H. Cromack Mrs J. Roberts
Headteacher Deputy Headteacher Assistant Headteacher/SENCO Assistant Headteacher Early Years Foundation Stage Leader LKS2 Coordinator

Foundation Stage Staff

Miss L. Hargreaves Mrs B. Clark Mrs H. Cromack Mr D. Tatham Mrs B. Crosby Mrs L. Ward Miss A. Galvin


Year 1 Staff

Miss M. O'Boyle Mrs C. Kent Mrs C. Groves Mrs C. Holt Mrs R. Fox Miss J. Smith
Y1 Teacher Y1 Teacher TA Year 1/SEN TA TA Year 1/SEN TA  TA Year 1 SEN TA

Year 2 Staff

Mrs K. Dooley  Mrs L. Fairburn Mr M. Riley Mrs J. Broadhurst  Mrs M. Hurley Miss M. Timms Mrs A. Kondiuk 

Y2 Teacher / Music Teacher



 Y2 Teacher




Y2 Teacher

SEN TA Year 2



 TA Year 2



TA Year 2

 TA Year 2




Year 3 Staff

Mr S. Leeds

Y3 Teacher

Miss H. Morgan

Y3 Teacher

Mr S. Hughes

TA Year 3

Mrs A. Courntey-Ashton TA Year3/HLTA



Year 4 Staff

Mrs C. Hill Mrs S. Evans Mrs A. Almond Mrs J. Blanc      Mrs J. Kelly Mrs C. Cawthray
Y4 Teacher Y4 Teacher Y4 Teacher  TA Year 4  SEN TA Year 4 TA Year 4

Year 5 Staff

Mrs J. Roberts Mrs G. Green Mrs H. Kevill Mrs A. Siddons Miss M. Timms Mrs H. Robinson

Y5 Teacher

Y5 Teacher

 TA Year 5 


  SEN TA Year 5

 SEN TA Year 5


 TA Year 5


Year 6 Staff

Mr B. Roberts

Y6 Teacher

Mrs L. Read

Y6 Teacher 

Mrs G. Billington

Y6 Teacher 

Mrs S. Cooper

TA Year 6 

Mrs A. Lightfoot

TA Year 6 

Miss B. Gill

TA Year 6/HLTA


PPA Staff 

Mrs C. Tennyson Mrs H. Rodgers  Mrs H. Stables
HLTA Teacher MFL Teacher

Office Staff

Mrs M. Firth Mrs B. Cole Mrs K. Roy
School Business Manager Senior Administrator Admin Assistant
Lunchtime Staff
Mrs M. Gray Mrs S. Goward Mrs M. Holohan-Bates
Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Assistant Lunchtime Assistant 

Breakfast and After School Club Staff

Mrs M. Holohan Bates Miss H. Bhakar Mrs J. Blanc Mrs M. Gray Miss A. Holohan-Bates Mrs H. Lobo Mrs Y. Niles Mrs N. Raj Mrs A. Siddons Miss A. Sheppard Jone Mr J. Tudge
BC/ASC Supervisor ASC Assistant ASC Assistant ASC Assistant BC/ASC Assistant

BC/ASC Assistant

ASC Cook ASC Assistant ASC Assistant ASC Assistant ASC Assistant
Premises Staff
Mr A. Green Mrs B. Stasiak Mrs R. Kaur
Caretaker Cleaner Cleaner

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Catholic Care

Mrs H. Sibson